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1 The Iditarod National Historic Trail is a 2,450-mile trail that traverses south-central Alaska, from Seward on the southern coast of Alaska, through Anchorage, and on to Nome on Alaska´s west coast.It is best known today as the venue for the annual Iditarod race, which celebrates the 1925 "serum run" which brought life-saving diphtheria antitoxin to residents of Nome; however,its importance as a key transportation route predates the race considerably.

2 The Iditarod Trail has been in existence for some time. The trail was initially blazed by migrating wildlife and was later used as a route for hunting and trading by the inhabitants of the area. Following the arrival of the Russians in Alaska in 1741, the Iditarod Trail became an integral part of what developed into extensive fur trade between the Russians and the local population. With the discovery of gold in Alaska in 1896, the Iditarod Trail became a vital and busy transportation and supply route.